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Papers Publiched in Journals and Magazines

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No Title Scholarly Journal Author Pub Year PDF
5 Understanding User Resistance to Participation in Multihop Communications Journal of Computer-Mediated Communications Yoolee Kang 2009
4 Heterogeneity of Southern countries and Southern Intellectual Property Rights Policy Canadian Journal of Economics Jeong-Eon Kim 2008
3 Interpretation of "Interconnection" by the WTO Mexico-Telecommunications Panel: A Critique Journal of World Trade (JWT) Chan-Mo Chung 2006
2 Substitubility and Accumulation of Information Technology Capital in U.S. Industries outhern Economic Journal Sung-Bae Mun 2006
1 Victim or Injurer, Small Car or SUV: Tort Liability Rules Under Role-Type Uncertainly International Review of Law and Economics Jeonghyun Kim 2006

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