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Title KISDI Colloquium on a "Strategy for spreading the smart factory based on the semiconductor standard".
Pub Date 2019.12.03 Hit 224

The Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI, President Dae-hee Kim) held the 9th Korea Information Society Development Institute Colloquium under the title "Strategy for spreading the smart factory based on the semiconductor standard" at the middle conference room, 2nd floor, KISDI, on December 3 (Tuesday).

The main lecture was delivered by Jeong-ha Kim, CEO of THiRA-UTECH, which possesses a technology for building a smart factory in the electronics industry (i.e. semiconductors). CEO Kim is an expert with more than 20 years' experience in industrial automation software.

The lecture began with the screening of a video showing Alibaba CEO Mawin's speech at the Davos Forum, in which he stated, "We must seize every opportunity in this rapidly changing world," followed by an explanation of Industry 4.0, which started in Germany. The lecturer explained that the smart factory involvesthe application of Industry 4.0, which aims to provide personalized customer requirements at a mass production price, and that the smart factory can secure manufacturing competitiveness and improve labor productivity because it supports large quantity batch production and flexible autonomous production. He also cited the SIMENS Amberg factory as a successful example of a smart factory, and stated that the semiconductor fab is a factory that can create significant added value by increasing productivity. He concluded his lecture by stressing that a preemptive response to the inevitable arrival of the smart factory is essential, and that Korea has sufficiently favorable conditions thanks to its global semiconductor manufacturers such as Samsung and Hynix.

KISDI will hold colloquiums on a regular basis to preemptively respond to issues in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to develop appropriatepolicies.

Inquiries: Jong-gyu Kim, Manager of the Evaluation and Management Team, Department of Planning & Coordination (+82-43-531-4027)


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