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Title "1st International Conference on Ethics of the Intelligent Information Society"
Pub Date 2019.12.05 Hit 286

The Korea Information Society Development Institute (KISDI, President Dae-hee Kim) and the Korea Communications Commission (Chairman Sang-heok Han) held the 1st "International Conference on the Ethics of the Intelligent Information Society" at Myeongdong Post Tower on December 5 (Thursday).

Domestic and international experts delivered presentations and tabled discussions at the conference held on the theme of "AI for Trust," with the focus on the ethical considerations and user policies needed to deal with the social changes brought about by the application of intelligent information technology including AI.

The conference began with a keynote address titled "International trends of AI ethics and governance" delivered by Sang-wuk Lee (Hanyang University), a member of the World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology, UNESCO, followed by two presentation sessions and a general discussion.

The first session, heldon the theme of "Building confidence in the age of AI," included presentations by De Kai, a professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology/Berkeley University, and Jeffrey Chan, a professor at Singapore University of Technology and Design.

First, Professor De Kai discussed the role of AI and the need for harmony between AI and human civilization as a storyteller under the theme of "AI storytelling ethics". Subsequently, Professor Jeffrey Chan redefined the concept of trust in an AI user society and proposed a new approach to building trust under the title of "A framework for trust in AI technology".

The second session, titled "Methods of co-existence in the age of AI", included presentations by Professor Manuel Zackladof the Conservatoire national des arts et métiers France and Ho-young Lee, are searcher at the Korea Information Society Development Institute.

Professor Zacklad reviewed the ethical issues surrounding the machine learning algorithms that we encounter in our daily life under the theme of "Ethical issues of AI in everyday life." ho-Young Lee, researcher, introduced the ethical issues that are likely to arise when transiting to the intelligent information society and the efforts of the Korea Communications Commission and the Korea Information Society Development Institute to respond to those issues under the theme of "Ethical challenges of the AI society and principles for gaining users' trust".

Lastly, domestic and foreign experts continued the discussion with a general discussion titled "Conditions for sustainability of the intelligent information society". So-young Kim, dean of the Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy, KAIST, hosted the discussion, while the members of the panel, including William A. Carter, vice-director of the Center For Strategic and International Studies in the U.S., Seong-ho Park, secretary-general of the Korea Internet Corporations Association, Min-su Shin, professor at Hanyang University, Gyeong-jin Choi, professor at Gachon University, and Hang-seob Choi, professor at Kukmin University, discussed the conditions necessary for sustainable evolution of the intelligent information society and reliable AI.

Inquiries: Seon-min Jeong, researcher, Department of ICT Statistics Research, (+82-43-531-4353)


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