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Research Report

KISDI Research Report provides studies on the direction of development in various sectors of the IT industry with the goal of contributing to the establishment of government policies

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831 Systems for the Promotion of Data Distribution Based on Individual Initiative Cho Seong Eun 2019.10.31 Abstract 411
830 Study on the categorization of administrative regulations for the invigoration of new ICT-based industries and analysis of its legal effects Seon Jiweon 2019.10.31 Abstract 386
829 International comparison and economic effect study of mobile broadband penetration Minhee Kim 2019.10.31 Abstract 296
828 A Cross-Country Study of Internet Policy focused on Net Neutrality Ahram Moon 2019.10.31 Abstract 162
827 Improvement and Rationalization of Media Diversity Monitoring Namdoo Kim 2019.10.31 Abstract 155
826 Directions for the development of delivery services based on customers’ evaluation of service attributes Joong beom Choi 2019.10.31 Abstract 164
825 A Study on Improving Effectiveness of a Survey of Trading Practices in Independent Production Market Hong-Jin Shim 2018.12.31 Abstract 1730
824 A Study on the trends analysis and Policy direction of radio spectrum management policy In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution Deukwon KIm 2018.05.08 Abstract 1237
823 A Study of Emerging Areas on the Promotion Policy Trends and Cooperative Measures for the Establishment and Start-up : Focusing on India and Southeast Asia Jihyun PARK 2018.03.17 Abstract 1208
822 A Study on Policy Directions for the ICT Industry in Line with a Paradigm Shift towards Income-Led Growth Na Sunghyun 2018.02.28 Abstract 743
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