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Research Report

KISDI Research Report provides studies on the direction of development in various sectors of the IT industry with the goal of contributing to the establishment of government policies

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825 A Study on Improving Effectiveness of a Survey of Trading Practices in Independent Production Market Hong-Jin Shim 2018.12.31 Abstract 1321
824 A Study on the trends analysis and Policy direction of radio spectrum management policy In the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution Deukwon KIm 2018.05.08 Abstract 917
823 A Study of Emerging Areas on the Promotion Policy Trends and Cooperative Measures for the Establishment and Start-up : Focusing on India and Southeast Asia Jihyun PARK 2018.03.17 Abstract 887
822 A Study on Policy Directions for the ICT Industry in Line with a Paradigm Shift towards Income-Led Growth Na Sunghyun 2018.02.28 Abstract 459
821 A Study on Securing Public Responsibility of Pay-TV – Focusing on Localism Jongwon Lee 2018.02.28 Abstract 301
820 A Study on Improving Pay-TV Rates Regulations for User Protection Junseok Kang 2018.02.28 Abstract 320
819 A Study on ICT policy direction in preparation for transformational changes in the intelligent information society Yuri Pak 2018.01.31 Abstract 329
818 A study on improving the Information Technology R&D to promote for first mover research and resulting diffusion Choi Gae-Iyong 2018.01.31 Abstract 308
817 Research on the Improvement of Legislative Systems in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution SungEun Cho 2018.01.31 Abstract 371
816 A study on innovation system and policy issues on the convergence between science & technology and ICT Kyunghoon Kim 2018.01.31 Abstract 363
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