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Issue Report

KISDI ISSUE Report : KISDI Issue Report brings together all the research work and policy studies carried out by KISDI, providing practical recommendations for those in the IT field.

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No Title Author Pub Date Abstract Hit
137 A Study on Telecommunication Tariff Policy and Household Telecommunication Expenditure in accordance with Market Evolution Deuk-Won Kim 2010.11.30 Abstract 2593
136 Analysis of media content users’ choice of platforms and channels Yuri Park 2010.06.07 Abstract 3029
135 Factors and strategies behind broadband penetration in Korea and abroad and their implications Jinhan Jung, Kang, Yeenkyu, Hwang, Joo Yeon 2010.05.11 Abstract 2964
134 Trend of and policy direction for u-Health LEE, Jong Hwa 2010.04.19 Abstract 2456
133 Analysis on IT utilization in major industries and implications Jeong-Eon Kim, Songook Park, Jung Hyun Joon 2010.04.06 Abstract 2545
132 Media usage trend among consumers in their 20s Yong Chan Jung, Lee, Eun-Min 2010.03.22 Abstract 2674
131 Market definition issue caused by technological change in telecommunications and prospects (Ⅱ): mobile communications market Kim Hee-Su, Kang Yeenkyu 2010.03.15 Abstract 2541
130 Radio Spectrum Management in the Convergence Era Choi Gae-Iyong 2010.03.02 Abstract 2762
129 Korea-EU FTA on Telecommunications Services: Outcomes and Implications Young Duk Park 2010.02.22 Abstract 2532
128 Online Reputation System: Its Effects on the Society Ho Yeong Lee, Sa Hyuk Kim 2010.02.08 Abstract 2591
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