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KISDI Premium Report

Premium Report : KISDI publishes KISDI Premium Report and provides as a paid service on a monthly basis, in an effort to explore special issues in broadcasting-telecommunications-IT policy decision and to offer an in-depth analysis and research outcome of current issues to broadcasting-telecommunications experts in Korea.

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No Title Author Pub Date Abstract Hit
117 The changes in the manufacturing industry that digital innovation will bring and ways of responding to such changes Lee Kyung-sun 2019.05.15 Abstract 204
116 Case studies of how successful virtual mobile communication network operators have built their competitiveness and the implications Jeong Gwang-jae 2019.05.08 Abstract 104
115 Analysis of the video contents offered by domestic OTT services and the use thereof Kwak Dong-gyun 2019.03.29 Abstract 103
114 The Paradox of AI and Privacy: AI Voice Secretary Shim Hong-jin 2018.12.27 Abstract 47
113 Status and Issues of Network Neutrality Policies in Key Countries Na Seong-hyun 2018.12.26 Abstract 43
112 The tasks in creating a convergence ecosystem between industries for 5G mobile communication. Kim Ji-hwan 2018.12.24 Abstract 46
111 US-China Hegemony Set to Dominate New ICT Technologies Shim Dong-nyuk 2018.12.21 Abstract 45
110 Influence of global OTT operators’ entry into Korea on the media ecosystem Hwang Yuseon 2018.11.02 Abstract 923
109 Status of video contents provision by major OTT services and necessity of monitoring on a regular basis Kim Namdu 2018.10.18 Abstract 741
108 Background of the US-China trade dispute and its impact Ko Donghwan 2018.08.22 Abstract 345
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