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KISDI Premium Report

Premium Report : KISDI publishes KISDI Premium Report and provides as a paid service on a monthly basis, in an effort to explore special issues in broadcasting-telecommunications-IT policy decision and to offer an in-depth analysis and research outcome of current issues to broadcasting-telecommunications experts in Korea.

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No Title Author Pub Date Abstract Hit
127 COVID-19 and False Information: An Analysis of the Types of False Information and Countermeasures Wook-Jei SUNG 2020.05.07 Abstract 370
126 The Impact and Implications of COVID-19 on the Broadcasting and Media Industry Jae-Young Lee 2020.04.27 Abstract 341
125 Trends in the Telecom Sector’s Response to COVID-19 in Key Countries (I) Telecommunications & Spectrum Research Division 2020.04.21 Abstract 338
124 The Economics of Digital Platform II : Issues in Digital Market Regulation in the Era of Big Data & AI Choi Gae-Iyong 2020.03.13 Abstract 160
123 The Economics of Digital Platform I : Issues in Digital Market Competition in the Era of Big Data & AI Choi Gae-Iyong 2020.03.04 Abstract 169
122 Trends of the 5G vertical service market and implications of the frequency policy, with the focus on the smart factory Hee Chun Kim 2019.11.18 Abstract 354
121 Methods of arranging laws in the age of artificial intelligence Won-jun Jeong 2019.10.24 Abstract 276
120 Analysis of the contribution of ICT and intangible assets to growth, and productivity by industry Jung Hyun Joon 2019.10.17 Abstract 277
119 Competition over ICT technological hegemony between the U.S. And China, and weaponized interdependence Choi Gae-Iyong 2019.09.09 Abstract 180
118 Changes in the competitive environment and business strategy in the global OTT market caused by the market entry of Disney+ and Apple TV+ Junseok Kang 2019.06.28 Abstract 204
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