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Research Report

Title A study on the impact of new ICT service and technology on employment
Author Ju Jaeuk ·Jung Hyun-Joon Hit 1552
Journal Research Report Vol. 12-11
Language kor Pages 1-76
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"Job creation is one of the most important government policy which is necessary to solve economic polarization, strength the nation's potential growtn and develop human capital. It is understood that ICT industry is closely related to employment increase. However there are various different opinions in both of academy and industry about the impact of ICT on employment therefore there is no clear government standard of ICT employment policy. Concerning the assersion that ICT is the cause of ""jobless growth"" there is a big controversy.
The purpose of this research is to capture the new trend of technology and market on ICT industry and analyze its impact on job creation focusing on the major business model which is expected to lead the global smart mobile ecosystem. At first the employment of Korean ICT industry is observed, its trend is forecasted and the future of the essential ICT technologies including 1) big data, 2) cloud computing and 3) software-defined network and their impact on employment are analyzed.
It is expected that the result and its implication of this research will be utilized as the basis of the policy making concerning ICT employment and through the employment analysis of subcategory in ICT industry, the government will crystalize primary object its employment policy."

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