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Research Report

Title A Study on Improving Effectiveness of a Survey of Trading Practices in Independent Production Market
Author Hong-Jin Shim ·Cheong-Hee Kim Hit 1683
Journal Policy Research Vol. 18-62
Language KOR Pages 1-191
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This purpose of this study is to investigate the actual status of trading practices in independent production market in detail and to provide basic data by grasping the differences in perception of trading practices experienced by broadcasters and independent producers.
The survey was designed by the same research methods and contents to broadcasters and independent producers. To do this, we collected quantitative data on the status of commissioning practices, and conducted surveys to investigate trends based on that data. Based on the results of the survey, we conducted in-depth interviews to examine various unfair cases that were not covered by the survey.
This study can contribute to the establishment of an effective commissioning policy and creating an environment where transactions are fair by objectively grasping the actual status of trade practices between broadcasters and independent producers.

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