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KISDI Premium Report

Title Analysis of the video contents offered by domestic OTT services and the use thereof
Author Kwak Dong-gyun Hit 295
Journal KISDI Premium Report Vol. KISDI Premium Report 19-01
Language KOR Pages 1-36
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This report was born from the realization that a systematic study was necessary to understand how video contents are being distributed through OTT services and how they are being consumed by users. As such, it contains a summary of the important sections of a survey conducted by the KISDI in 2018. In this report, we conclude that a program for monitoring OTT video services in a more comprehensive and systematic way must be established for the end purpose of assessing their impact on policy developments in South Korea, other countries, and the existing broadcast industry, and for stimulating the growth of OTT video services.
First, we obtained and analyzed a list of the most popular contents that are serviced by eight major domestic OTT video service platforms. The results of this analysis revealed that the popular contents serviced by domestic operators through their OTT video platform (TVING, POOQ, OKSUSU, NAVER TV, etc.) contained many original contents produced by traditional broadcasting companies. The analysis also confirmed the competitiveness of contents provided by traditional terrestrial broadcasters, general programming channels, and cable channel operators.
We also analyzed the real-time channels of POOQ, TVING and OKSUSU because these operators provide their contents through PC as well as real-time channels, making it possible for us to collect programmed data. We discovered that celebrity/entertainment and drama were the most popular contents for all operators. As regards the top 3, hhowever, the 3rd-ranked content differed for each operator, thus revealing variations in user preference among the channel operators.
Interestingly, a supplementary survey conducted to evaluate the usage pattern showed gender differences in the types of contents consumed through YouTube and Naver TV. Furthermore, unlike the usage pattern for regular OTT video services, it was found that the older the user, the higher the reliance on YouTube for such contents as news/current affairs/reporting, thus implying that the older generation uses YouTube as a channel for obtaining news about politics.
The results of these surveys are still incomplete and need to be augmented and improved continuously using advanced research methods before they can actually be used. Once the improvements have been made, and discussions on introducing new policies to reflect the results have been held, we should be able to contribute to eliminating the process of trial and error facing our policy makers.

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