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We, equipped with 'creative thinking' and 'wholehearted passion,' are the world's best expert group leading broadcasting and telecommunications policy development.

  • Digital Economy & Society Research
  • ICT Data Science Research
  • Telecommunications & Spectrum Research
  • Broadcasting & Media Research
  • International Cooperation Research
TheThe Department of ICT Strategy Research performs research on the dynamism of the ICT ecosystem, ICT-driven new markets, startups and venture capital, solutions to social issues through ICT application, effects of new technologies(AI, Blockchain, etc.) on the economy and society with the aim of finding new growth engines for the economy and creating jobs.
  • Ho-young Lee
  • Yuri Park
  • Moon, Jung Wook
  • Kyunghoon Kim
  • Sung-woon Cho
  • Park, Tong-wook
  • Choi Gae-lyong
  • Sang-young Sonn
  • Won-tae Lee
  • Seong-eun Cho
  • Yuri Jo
  • Lee, Kyoungsun
  • Kang jun mo
  • Joong-beom Choi
  • Suk-bum Lee
  • Eunyoung Han
  • Joonbae Lee
  • Ahram Moon
  • Kwon, Eunjeong
  • Sungwook Yoon

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