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Information Society Research Division

The Department of Information Society Research undertakes interdisciplinary and convergence research on the basis of knowledge of the humanities and social science to respond to the paradigm shift in the ICT sector. The department is also in charge of policy research and R&D on ICT statistics and data analysis in preparation for the era of a data-driven society, and provides ICT and media-related statistics and analysis.

The depar tment’s long-term research project, “A study on building a foundation for innovative convergence between ICT and socio-humanities,” aims to adopt insights and wisdom in the humanities sector for the sustainable development of the hyper-connected network society and a better digital lifestyle. To that end, the department is making efforts to identify ICT issues that have been marginalized from current government policies.

			Through the establ i shment and use of a socio-humanities knowledge feedback system, the department comes up with ideas for the development of human-friendly technologies and related policies, and defines the roles of ICT in addressing social issues. In the long term, the department aims to develop measures to build an ICT & socio-humanities innovation platform in which the industry, academia, university and research institute sectors are closely interconnected.

			In addition, research on privacy, the digital divide, and personal data in the era of big data, as well as on the adverse effects of broadcasting-telecom convergence, is undertaken as a way to create a sound and safe information society.

The ICT Statistics Center provides and shares ICT statistics and data, and scientifically analyzes accumulated data for the development of ICT policies in a data-driven environment where the importance of statistics and data is emphasized in decision making. The center has also established KISDI STAT, a statistical information system, for the convenient collection, analysis and access to statistical data on the ICT industry and media use trends. To adjust to the changing environment with more emphasis placed on the protection of personal and organizational data, the center conducts research to develop new survey and estimation methodologies as well as on policies and methodologies for big data-based ICT statistics.

Key Research Themes

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  • Strategies to advance ICT statistics
  • Measures to improve ICT statistical classification
  • Evaluation of the contribution and quality of ICT statistics
  • Analysis of ICT- and Internet economy-related statistics
  • Strategies to innovate the ICT statistics production system considering changes in the survey environment
  • Production of three different government-approved statistics (i.e. Korea Media Panel Survey, Annual Report on the Broadcasting Industry in Korea, Audience Behavior Survey)
  • Establishment and operation of ITSTAT and KISDI STAT
  • Publication of the KISDI STAT Report
  • Policy direction for the ICT industry based on an analysis of macroeconomic effects
  • ICT market outlook

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