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ICT Industry Research Division

The Department of ICT Industry Research performs research and analysis on paradigm shifts in the ICT industry, ICT innovation and Internet convergence, as well as their impact on future economic and industrial structure, and provides a policy direction for regulatory reforms to nurture new industries.

The Department of ICT Industry Research seeks to contribute to building a creative economy with more jobs by performing an indepth and systematic anaolysis of the ICT industry, an essential element of the creative economy, and by carrying out policy studies on the ICT ecosystem, R&D, innovation systems, SMEs and start-ups, and ICT processionals.

			The Creativity Economy Group undertakes studies on ICT industry innovation and productivity improvement through ICT convergence and application, entrepreneurship promotion policies for the establishment of an ICT ecosystem, performance evaluations of entrepreneurship and start-up policies, as well as on a long-term policy direction for the creative economy.

			The ICT Industry Group comprehensively analyzes the ICT ecosystem and presents various strategies for the establishment of a creative economy based on its thorough research on the value chain and paradigm shifts of the ICT ecosystem, market trends related to emerging ICT industries such as the Internet of Things (IOT), key industries of the ICT ecosystem such as content and SW, as well as major issues in the ICT industry in general.

Key Research Themes

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  • Internet evolution and socio-economic paradigm shifts
  • Changes in industrial structure in the era of the Internet economy and response strategies
  • Measures for the development of new Internet-based platform businesses
  • Strategies to advance Korea’s economic and industrial structures through ICT application
  • ICT regulatory reforms
  • Analysis of ICT use by industry and policy direction
  • Longitudinal analysis of the life cycle of ICT startups
  • Analysis of the current startup environment and policy support
  • Strategies to secure competitive advantages for the establishment of a startup hub
  • Strategies to improve efficiency in ICT R&D investment
  • Strategies for the development and promotion of the fintech industry
  • Measures to facilitate M&As for small and medium-sized software companies
  • Strategies for job creation through ICT convergence
  • ICT-based solutions to current social issues
  • Socio-cultural conditions for the sustainable hyper-connected society and responses of the Korean society
  • Legal-philosophical approach to the establishment of a regulatory framework for the intelligent information society

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