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Broadcasting Media Research

The Department of Broadcasting and Media Research performs research on broadcasting and media-related policies and analyzes market trends.

The Media Market Analys is Group is responsible for analysis of the media market with a focus on the broadcasting sector. The group carries out market analysis and assessment of market competition considering the changing media environment, and also performs research on policies and regulations for the further development of traditional media as well as for the promotion of new media. The Broadcasting Policy Research Group develops a longterm vision and policy direction for the broadcasting industry taking account of the trend of digitization and smart media. Policy measures to provide broadcasting for the general good and improve institutions in the media sector as well as the reform of laws and regulations to respond to the emergence of smart media are the major research topics of the group.

Key Research Themes

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  • Policies on the development of the broadcasting and media industries and promotion of market competition
  • Current status and future outlook of the broadcasting and media sectors
  • Policies and regulations regarding the publicness of broadcasting such as regulations on broadcast scheduling, advertisements and channels as well as local broadcasting promotion policies
  • Assessment of the competitive environment, broadcasts, and content of the broadcasting market
  • Policies on new media, digital broadcasting and video content
  • Legal and regulatory reforms in response to the broadcasting-telecommunications convergence trend

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