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Management Consulting

The Department of Postal Service Research conducts research on business policy and strategies for the postal and banking sectors and overall management of Korea Post.

The Postal Management Research Center supports the policy development process of the state-run Korea Post through in-depth studies. It also performs research on the postal business to help achieve the goal of “Global Korea Post” for the people.  

More specifically, the center carries out research on management strategies to support Korea Post in developing general management strategies as well as related policies. It also develops strategies for the postal and savings/insurance businesses and explores new growth engines to further strengthen the competitiveness of the businesses. In addition, the department collects and provides postal information and data to help Korea Post pursue knowledge management and establish global partnerships, and develops trade negotiation strategies in related areas.

Key Research Themes

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  • Analysis of domestic and overseas trends related to ICT business
  • Long-term development strategies of telecommunications carriers in the era of the 4th industrial revolution
  • Business strategies of telecommunications carriers responding to the era of media convergence
  • CGE model development for postal market analysis
  • Strategies for Korea Post Bank's mobile payment services
  • 2017 postal trend analysis
  • Long-term development strategies for the postal business
  • Strategies to strengthen the role of the postal savings and insurance as a public financial institution
  • Strategies to enhance the public functions of postal insurance in preparation for a society with a low birthrate and an aging population
  • Innovation of Korea Post's organization, personnel and business areas
  • Strategies for follow-up on Korea-EU FTA negotiations

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