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Telecommunications and Spectrum Research

The Department of Telecommunications and Spectrum Research is responsible for research on telecommunications and spectrum policies for the advancement of the telecom market, fair competition, user protection, the more efficient use of spectrum resources as well as network enhancement.

The Department of Telecommunications and Spectrum Research focuses on policy research for the development of telecom services and fair competition in the market.

			The Telecommunications Market Structure Group performs research on regulatory reforms for the advancement and revitalization of the telecom service market. Based on its accurate market analysis and future outlook, the group examines and identifies factors that drive changes in the telecom market including the emergence of the C-P-N-D ecosystem, and seeks to find ways to improve existing regulations such as the telecommunications service classification system and market entry barriers. Furthermore, the group also undertakes studies on new services and related regulations to create more dynamic markets.

			The Telecommunications Market Competition Group conducts research on appropriate regulations for market-dominant players to create a level playing field in the telecom service market based on empirical analyses of market situations and theories in economics, accounting, business administration and law. It also carries out studies on regulatory guidelines and ex-post regulations on unfair business practices, as well as consumer protection policy.

			The Spectrum Policy Group is in charge of research on policies for the development of spectrum-based industries and the efficient use of spectrum resources. The group also reviews the trends of spectrum management policy in major economies and studies policies on spectrum retrieval and reallocation for the growth of spectrum-based industries.

Key Research Themes

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  • Policies to introduce and promote market competition in telecom services
  • Market analysis and future outlook of the telecom service sector and comparisons with other countries
  • Long-term regulatory reforms of the telecom service classification system and market entry regulations
  • Regulations and an ex post regulatory system for consumer protection and punishment for unfair business practices
  • Legal and regulatory reforms in response to the broadcasting-telecommunications convergence trend
  • Evaluation of market competition in the telecom service market
  • Improvement plans for the broadcasting and telecommunications market by regulatory areas: interconnection, service rate regulation, universal service, networking sharing, bundling, accounting, etc.
  • Policies on spectrum assignment and allocation
  • Spectrum auction design and value calculation
  • Long-term spectrum utilization plans
  • Strategies for the entry and promotion of new spectrum-based services
  • Analysis of the spectrum-based service market

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