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The following symbols are the official corporate identity of KISDI as broadcasting and telecommunications policy research institute leading the knowledge-based society.


KISDI symbol

Soft and sophisticated oval, which symbolizes the Earth, represents the global stage. We connect the letters, "S" and "D" inside of the oval and draw the strong wave underneath the oval as a graphic motive of Information Technology. This makes you feel the harmony of the past and the present, the expression of professionality and familiarity, and active communication with strong and weak rhythm.

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KISDI wordmark

The symbol mark is designed to get credibility as IT Strategy Research Organization for establishing the efficient communication system.

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KISDI logotype AI File JPG File


KISDI Symbol Signature

Symbol Signature

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KISDI Workmark Signature

Wordmark Signature

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20th commemoration emblem

KISDI 20th Commemoration Emblem

Emblem image download AI File

Emblem flash download JPG File

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