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All of the publications by KISDI are available in .pdf format for free. You can download the files from the official website of the Institute (

Research Report

The Report has so far produced ways of supporting the Korean government's shaping policies for the long-term development of the communications industry. Moreover, from the theoretical and empirical perspective, the Report presents mid- and long-term policy research issues and policy alternatives necessary for the government to set IT policies. The research areas covered by the Report are as follows: Competition policies; strengthening competitiveness of Korea's IT industry, the key driver for Korea's future economic development; changing policy frameworks and regulatory regimes responding to broadcasting & telecommunications convergence; and the trade negotiation agenda and strategies for the telecommunications negotiations e.g. WTO, DDA, and FTA ones.

Information & Communications Policy

The biweekly Report - total 23 issues are published every year - makes a thorough analysis of the major issues regarding IT policies in and out of Korea, providing relevant policies and the industry outlook. The Report aims at contributing to mapping out IT policies as well as enhancing the related regulatory regimes. Furthermore, the Report is to promote the understanding of the public on the changes in the industry environments.

Postal Information

With the aim of advancing policies and management of the Korea Post, the Report introduces policies for Korea's postal and savings/insurance business; trends in and out of Korea; and related theories. Issued on a quarterly basis, the Report is distributed to experts and people involved in the postal business.

KISDI Premium Report

KISDI publishes KISDI Premium Report and provides as a paid service on a monthly basis, in an effort to explore special issues in broadcasting-telecommunications-IT policy decision and to offer an in-depth analysis and research outcome of current issues to broadcasting-telecommunications experts in Korea.

KISDI Issue Report

The monthly Report develops constructive and practical alternatives to the current IT issues, coming up with the current status of the nation's IT policies.

Digital Convergence Future Research

Starting from Influences of IT on Korea's Economy and Society in 2003 to Changing Paradigms in the IT-oriented Korean Society in 2007, the series has made an in-depth analysis on the influences of IT on Korea's economy and society for the five years. With the efforts, the Report has figured out major trends developed in the society; identified the dynamics of changes witnessed in the society as well as suggested the future visions; and stated the role, influences, and, moreover, the potential of IT. Based on those productive outcomes, the series presents the IT strategy framework for the future society of Korea. Since 2003, 350 humanity and social science researchers from the academia, research institutions, and enterprises have participated in the project. The Institute has published a total of 166 reports in series: 63 reports in 2003; 41 ones in 2004; 41 ones in 2005; 10 ones in 2006; and 11 ones in 2007.

IT Industry Outlook Of Korea

Looking into the competitive strength of Korea's IT industry through the GDP share of the industry, the characteristics of the industry, etc., the yearly report promotes the understanding on the IT industry. Furthermore, IT Industry Outlook of Korea helps entrepreneurs and policymakers shape new strategies.

ICT World Today

Distributed to every corner of the world, the English Journal provides a bunch of valuable information about the ICT-led social and economic development as well as the ways of narrowing the digital divide around the world in a plain manner.

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